Donna & Cathy's Dance Center

  since 1984

Dance With Us

Here at Donna and Cathy’s Dance Center in North Branford, Connecticut, we offer a wide range of dance classes. Our studio is open for anyone who wants to explore the world of dancing. Here are our classes:

Parent and Me Interactive Program (18months-toddlers)

An interactive program specially designed for ages 18 months-toddlers. 

Enjoy participating with your little one as they jump, twirl, and tumble to music !  

We welcome moms, dads, grandparents, and other adults to join in the fun!

Children’s Programs (Beginner to Advanced Levels)

Tiny Tot Tumbling 
Let your child have a blast jumping on the pre-school sized mini trampoline.                                We use safety mats to let your child enjoy doing rolls, cartwheels, and more.

Tiny Tot Ballet & Tap 

A class that gives your child a chance to explore movement and dance through music. We use props and toys such as princess wands and dolls to help build their coordination.

Combination Classes 

A great way to experience ballet, jazz, and tap all in the same class. Students will learn basic dance steps and terminology to age-appropriate music. This class also focuses on dancing as a group and encourages teamwork.

Hip- Hop
A high-energy and age-appropriate class. We will introduce your child to fun hip-hop moves to the beat of their favorite clean and fun music.

We also offer a boys only Hip-hop class!


Acrobatics I

Your child will learn the basics of acrobatics such as cartwheels and handstands using safety mats and special equipment. Our instructor for this class is a former Collegiate National Qualifier and a level 9 Champion.

Pre-Teen and Teen Programs


The foundation for all forms of dance and an elegant way of improving posture and grace. Classes begin with barre exercises to warm the muscles up, and progress to center floor combinations focusing on balance and coordination.


A style of dance involving rhythm, varying sounds, and dynamics. Students will have a graduated warm-up to loosen their ankles and knees. To enhance musicality in our classes, we dance to popular music from the 1920s up to today.



Includes elements as leaps, kicks, turns, and isolations. Classes start with stretching and strengthening exercises, then progressions across the floor in addition to center floor combinations.

An expressive style that focuses on the dancer narrating a story through movements. Students are encouraged to use their emotions as if acting to music, making the lyrics to a song come alive. It incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance.

Acrobatics II

Hip-Hop - Now offering BOYS ONLY Hip Hop 

Designed for students who mastered the basics in Acrobatic I. This class is created for students who are now prepared to learn more intricate “tricks” and techniques.

“MTV-style” dancing made popular by TV and music videos. This energetic class starts with thorough warm up exercises then proceeding to learn the latest moves. This class does not require any dance experience.

Strength & Core Technique Only

The technique is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while stretching to executing skills properly in a routine. This class focuses on ways to prevent injury by making the muscles more pliable, increasing flexibility and strengthening the legs and back.

Adult Program

For people who are looking for a great workout but don’t want to hit the gym. You can exercise in a fun way through our adult dance classes. Nobody is there to judge, just come here and dance your heart out. Our adult dance classes include:

  • Beginner Tap

  • Intermediate Tap

  • Jazz